Welcome to UnemployedWoman.com where unemployed women come together to share their experiences and support one another through these challenging times.  Through our site you can share your stories and provide encouragement.  We will motivate, educate, inform, and create a positive environment for today’s job seeking women.

We provide information regarding free classes to help you improve your skills from computer classes to resume writing.  If your city is not listed we encourage you to add it to our site to inform other unemployed women in your area.  Your local libraries and state unemployment centers are great resources for these classes.  It is important to utilize your free time to update your skills to make yourself more marketable.

Keep a positive frame of mind.  This can be accomplished by attending wellness lectures and exercise classes.  Your area hospitals offer free health lectures ranging from nutrition to medical topics.  You are welcome to add class information in your community.

You can participate in enjoyable and entertaining activities that are free of charge.  Your local newspapers, magazines and websites list events from concerts to festivals and fairs which allow you to unwind.  Community websites are also a great source for free events.

We will share with you websites that save you money.  The internet is a great source for coupons and discounts.

We are very excited about our new endeavor and look forward to sharing experiences with you.