Penn Pursuit 2 Fishing Rod Review

The Penn Pursuit 2 is an expert level fishing rod. For those of you still catching the more basic fish such as trout, salmon and others, this rod may be slightly out of your league. We think that the Pursuit 2 is made for the experienced fishers that can easily catch the basic level fish and are looking to catch those juicy koi carps.

Penn Pursuit 2Koi carps are very difficult fish to catch. Not only are they extremely heavy and can grow as big as 3 metres long, the fish rarely bite on most bait. The Penn pursuit 2 helps you with the fishing experience by giving you accompanied bait that is made from ground beef and bread. Fish eat many different types of food, however this bait mix is perfectly made and Penn have put in a great tutorial with the rod that can help you with your fishing.

I’ve searched around most of the internet to find the best fishing rod and honestly I can say that the Ugly stix or the Penn pursuit will be your best option. I can’t find anything more durable, long lasting and easy to use than these two fishing rods.

Fishing in the deep sea is also problematic as we can’t carry our huge rods onto the boats. I have many japanese fisherman friends that often go fishing off the coast of Korea and to my suprise their rods are the smallest I’ve seen.

Back in the UK and America we see that many fishers tend to go for bigger rods with fancy spinning reels that can give them a slight edge in reeling times, however we’ve seen where the juiciest Tuna is and we all know that it resides in Asia and Japan. So we think that you guys should listen to the Japanese fisherman rather than these westerners who don’t have a clue.

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