The Penn Pursuit 2 is an expert level fishing rod. For those of you still catching the more basic fish such as trout, salmon and others, this rod may be slightly out of your league. We think that the Pursuit 2 is made for the experienced fishers that can easily catch the basic level fish and are looking to catch those juicy koi carps.

Penn Pursuit 2Koi carps are very difficult fish to catch. Not only are they extremely heavy and can grow as big as 3 metres long, the fish rarely bite on most bait. The Penn pursuit 2 helps you with the fishing experience by giving you accompanied bait that is made from ground beef and bread. Fish eat many different types of food, however this bait mix is perfectly made and Penn have put in a great tutorial with the rod that can help you with your fishing.

I’ve searched around most of the internet to find the best fishing rod and honestly I can say that the Ugly stix or the Penn pursuit will be your best option. I can’t find anything more durable, long lasting and easy to use than these two fishing rods.

Fishing in the deep sea is also problematic as we can’t carry our huge rods onto the boats. I have many japanese fisherman friends that often go fishing off the coast of Korea and to my suprise their rods are the smallest I’ve seen.

Back in the UK and America we see that many fishers tend to go for bigger rods with fancy spinning reels that can give them a slight edge in reeling times, however we’ve seen where the juiciest Tuna is and we all know that it resides in Asia and Japan. So we think that you guys should listen to the Japanese fisherman rather than these westerners who don’t have a clue.

Getting noticed on LinkedIn can be a great way for an employer to find you.  There are recruiters who may go straight to LinkedIn to search for employees for their job positions.  The quality of information on your profile and the extra steps you take to add things that others may not just might make the difference.  At first LinkedIn can be overwhelming and quite time consuming but this networking site has become vital in today’s job market.

I recently viewed a webinar with Cindy where we got some great information to get you noticed on LinkedIn.  The presenter was Greig Wells. Before Greig talked about LinkedIn he made a couple of points which unemployed women and men should remember.  He said, “Your career does not equal your value.”  I agree with him in believing we are all valuable even if we are out of work.  He also said believe in the power of hope.  If you have been discouraged lately get fired up again in your job search.  If you seem hopeless no one will want to hire you.  Employers want positive people working for them.

One of the strategies Greig talked about was standing out in a crowd.  LinkedIn is a tool and using it in the best way is what can make you get noticed.  This is the most competitive job market ever.  Many of us look the same on paper.  We all have a great resume, a compelling profile, and a unique personal brand.  With this being said, why should recruiters look at or believe your words?  Many of us use the words innovative, motivated, problem solver, dynamic, team player, results-oriented, extensive experience, fast-paced, proven track record, and entrepreneurial in our LinkedIn resumes and profiles.  These seem like great words but now you have to show that  actions speak louder than words.

If recruiters view your LinkedIn account they will want to see activity. Put in your account what you are doing now.  Keep it updated and show them that you are keeping busy while unemployed. They will also view your profile to look for several things.

  1. A Leader in Your Industry – Show this by becoming a group leader.
  2. Respected Among Your Peers –  Be active and reviewed.
  3. Resources and Contacts – Build a Deep Network of 500+ Connections.
  4. Linked In Skills/Knowledge – Use Linked In Signal.

There are things to do on LinkedIn to show you are a leader and knowledgeable in your industry.

  • Start Your Own Group Related To Your Industry – This will re-establish your leadership ability and show that you are currently active.  Put “leader” in your group title along with your city.  Put this new group in your profile, it will reposition you.  People may want to post jobs in your group.
  • Get Respected by Posting Discussions – Talk about current things happening in your industry.

If you put the time and effort into your LinkedIn account it may pay off.  You can be networking with so many people in your industry that may have great job leads for you. It should also get you found by the companies you want to find you. Keep working with this networking tool until you become proficient.